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By elitemodelsvip, Sep 3 2017 03:09AM

There are lots of escorts and escort agencies in Europe and escort agencies in the world, though none is as good as Elite Models VIP escort agency.... though you’d expect us to say that, wouldn’t you!

There are also high-class escorts, which can also be known by different names such as VIP escorts, elite escorts and courtesan escorts, for example. These are escorts that deliver on appearance, experience, and almost every other level. These are ladies and men who are top of their game when it comes to providing an unforgettable escort experience, who know how to please their clients, who are self-assured, confident and well presented.

The best Europe escort agencies offer both escorts and this upper tier of high-class escorts to cater for all tastes. Here at Elite Models VIP escort agency, you’ll see that our elite escorts have top star ratings from previous clients with whom they have spent some time. Our clients take the time to provide ratings because they love their time with our Europe escorts so much, and so you can expect these to be honest and reliable. The main aim of the team here at Elite Models VIP international escort agency is to provide a discrete escort service which can be enjoyed by all and so our ratings are all important to the success and repeat bookings for our escorts – therefore, they will try their very best to please at every opportunity!

Our elite escorts ooze confidence and style, and they expect the same from their clients. Many of our female escorts in Europe find that men who have a sense of humour and who have lots of confidence and charm are a real turn on and usually counts for even more than looks. Of course, everyone is different, but rest assured that if you’re well presented, charming, witty and well mannered, then this will be appreciated by your high-class escort.

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Our VIP model companions love surprises, but you don't have to wait until a special occasion to spoil her! And it doesn't have to be a big production or a scary experience. You don't even have to break the bank if you don't want to. A token gift on any given day will delight her, and your rewards may be beyond your imagination!

First of all you can spoil your luxury escort companion by being friendly, educated and polite, and offering her a drink. You don't need to buy anything for your escort, but it is always nice to receive a small gift and know someone was thinking of you, correct? You could give her a small box of quality chocolates, a perfume or a simple flower. She will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

Make your VIP escort girl feel great so she will make YOU feel you even greater! Some might ask "why should I try to spoil an elite escort? I'm paying her to spoil ME! Yes, indeed you are and you deserve to be treated with as much special care as you have paid for. However, remember she is a real person with feelings and human nature. And everyone knows there are ways to get what you want from people, as their human nature responds better to certain things than others, it's a way to make her feel special and a lovely gentleman gesture.

You should always receive a positive and enthusiastic elite escort experience, whether you spoil her or not. But always be friendly, polite and nice, to get the best out of your experience, and to make your high-class escort better. By knowing how to treat our exclusive escorts, you can be a client that the girls look forward to meeting, and love spending time with, giving you extra effort and extra special pampering :-)

Our luxury model escorts very often look at the thought behind the gift, as much as the gift itself. So a simple flower picked just for her because it matches her eyes, can mean as much as a pair of Louboutins or Manolos, or maybe a Chanel handbag. (Which consequently can also match her eyes/ shoes/ dress and will delight her just as much!)

By all means you can contact our elite escort agency to inquire about your special date's preferences, then surprise her when you meet! Just because you're paying for her time, doesn't mean she doesn't deserve gifts to show you appreciate her also, a small wonderful detail that our elite escort models appreciate a lot, making her feel so special!

Ideas for gifts to give your elite escort girl, jewellery is also an intimate gift as it is usually presented with a special meaning attached such as ‘you're special’ or ‘you mean so much to me’. Jewelry will last a lifetime, so choose it well. Use a reputable jeweler and don't buy anything cheap and tacky, or the meaning will be lost. If you can't afford quality jewelry or don't want to spend quite that much yet, go for flowers, perfumes or quality sweets.

If your luxury escort companion loves fashion, perhaps you could buy her an accessory that she's had her eye on for a while, such a handbag, scarf or shoes. Make sure to double check sizes and preferences, you don't want to buy the wrong ones! Avoid buying her clothes because if you get the size wrong, you could offend or embarrass her. The best thing to do is to take her shopping. Then she can try on and choose the item or items she loves best.

A big gesture can also be romantic such as an experience day. She will be so surprised! You could organize a hot air balloon ride, a glamourous limousine tour or a trip in a helicopter. Elite Models VIP will be glad to organize you that perfect date and take care of every single detail!

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