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What does it take to be a High Class Companion?

Not any lady is suitable to be a high class companion, is not only a matter of physical appearance or beauty, but a high level of education, good manners, social skills, etc. There are certain qualities that are essential to be a high class companion.

We cater for a very refined and upscale clientele, who want to meet a friendly, easy going and highly educated VIP escort companion and be able to accompany them to VIP events, business dinners, travels, fairs or congresses, etc.

By the hour escorts will be not successful here, why? Because our VIP members are willing to meet someone truly unique and special with whom can enjoy her company and experience a pleasant and mutually beneficial meeting. Without this inner beauty, no amount of outer beauty will bring success. We collaborate only with truly well-bred, elegant, intelligent and natural companions, not per-hour escort ladies looking to be ‘busy’ with lots of clients for brief service-based bookings. We don’t work that way at all, we only cater for luxury companion introductions.

We aim to introduce our members to cultured ladies who really feel comfortable in social situations, with a high education level who are capable to maintain a conversation in any kind of social event and fully meet our members' expectations of feeling proud about having an extraordinary and intelligent lady accompanying them. Regardless of your model looks, you must be a respectful, friendly and attentive person, with a humble soul and a kind nature. Any nastiness or bitterness is weeded out very quickly. We’re not interested in working with that kind of energy.

A truly luxury companion is gracious, and shows kindness to everyone at all times, regardless of the situation. She never forgets, whilst she is enjoying herself, what her purpose is and where her responsibilities lie. A successful, elite woman of refinement will never be negative, arrogant or rude, but focuses on creating a positive and friendly connection with our VIP members, not on how much money she wants. A model who focuses only on how much money she will make, will eliminate her success quickly. Our VIP members seek for authentic quality elite companionship, and will want to meet with you again and again for that feeling of genuine connection, friendship and complicity.


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